MRADSIM-Space is a comprehensive simulation toolkit specifically designed for space-related applications. 

It offers advanced features tailored to analyze radiation effects, high-energy physics simulations, and nanomaterials research in space environments.

Up-to-date physics models

To simulate radiation effects accurately, keeping pace with advancements in Geant4 releases. 

User-Friendly Interface

Based on Qt5, ensuring ease of use for both experts and non-experts in simulation software.
Comprehensive data plotting capabilities for visualizing simulation results and analyzing complex datasets.

Integration of AI

Integration of optional AI algorithms for fast and precise analysis of radiation effects on space systems and biological organisms.

Montecarlo (Geant4) based particle generation, transport
User definable simulation parameters
Set of example geometries and relative analysis
3D score analysis of DUTs
Fluence and LET flux at DUTs surface(s)
3D-dose analysis on multiple DUTs
Energy deposit in DUT
3D dose depth plots
Total Energy Deposition
Dose Calculation
3D Data Mapping
Path Lenght Analysis​
Voxel Visualization​
Technical support in 48 hours
Single or Multi-user


Satellite Radiation Analysis

MRADSIM Space supports the widely use of STEP file format for 3D solid model.

Radiation Shielding

You can detect weak points of electronic components against radiation and make improvements for shielding.