Developed by BEAMIDE srl (Official spin-off of National Institute for Nuclear Physics of Italy (INFN)) in collaboration with INFN scientists IRADETS A.S.. MRADSIM is a software toolkit to simulate and study in detail the adverse effects of radiation on electronics, biological and material targets use space-borne or Earth-based projects.

It has innovative features to increase parametric precision and to decrease computing time while adding additional functions to perform modular calculations specific for a range of applications. MRADSIM will be the first simulation toolkit using innovative AI/ML algorithms aiming to effectively identify potential problems induced by radiation thus helping to implement mitigation techniques to prevent catastrophic failures on mission critical systems. These systems could be Earth based (manmade or natural) or space-borne. Unique features of MRADSIM will position it among the front-line tools to study the radiation susceptibility of the systems. The Italian researchers from INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) will be the debuggers and early adopters of MRADSIM. This is an important additional value for our Project’s optimization and refining.

At present,  it is under development to address the the necessities of many different application sectors and in line with the intense demands of public and private research and technology entities around the world.