Professional STEP to GDML converter. Improved conversion experience with more professional tools.  

Large Material Database

Incremental definition of materials and geometries, providing flexibility and customization options for simulation setups.

Advanced tools

Overlap check, material assignment import/export, add simple geometries, expandable database.
Ability to handle large STEP files (tested sizes of ≥300 Mb), enabling analysis of complex structures and systems.

GDML Viewer

Advanced 3D CAD engine based on Opencascade for precise modeling of space structures and systems.
Support for creating and combining simple shapes in GDML format, simplifying the modeling process for users.

Interactive geometry view
≥ x20 faster STEP-to-GDML conversion
No limitation on file size and volumes number-
Dedicated GDML viewer-
Improved compatibility with latest STEP file standards -
Volume overlap check feature -
Large material database -
Adding new material definitions to the database
Create and combine simple shapes with preview -
Add simple shapes to converted STEP file-
Single piece, multiple pieces and overall mass calculation-
Size measuring tool-
Search tool for components-
Technical support in 48 hours-
Single or Multi-user-
Screenshot tool-

MRADSIM Converter supports the use of the widely used STEP file format for 3D solid model. It provides generic support by reading STEP format files.

You can convert your 3D models to GDML format quickly and save them. Working with GDML format files is now easy.

MRADSIM Converter already presents a database with the fundamental materials. This can be extended by quickly adding new materials.

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