Easily convert your STEP format CAD files to GDML format on Linux operating systems.

MRADSIM Capabilities

MRADSIM Converter supports the use of the widely used STEP file format for 3D solid model. It provides generic support by reading STEP format files. 

You can convert your 3D models to GDML format quickly and save them. Working with GDML format files is now easy.

MRADSIM Converter already presents a database with the fundamental materials. This can be extended by quickly adding new materials.


MRADSIM Converter is compatible with Debian-based Linux operating systems. Windows 10 supportable version is going to be released soon.

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 and Linux Mint 20 platforms.

Latest version: MRADSIM Converter v0.3 LTS – Release date:  2 February 2021.


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