• How can I download the software?
    To acquire your preferred software version, kindly utilize the designated request forms. Please note that only registered users can submit requests, so we encourage you to register first. Upon successful login, access to the request form pages will be granted. Once your request is submitted, a member of our team will promptly reach out to you, providing the necessary instructions for obtaining the software.
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  • Why should I register on MRADSIM website?
    By registering on our website, you gain access to software request forms, exclusive content, personalized support from our expert team, and timely updates on the latest releases.
  • What types of formats are supported?
    MRADSIM-ConverterPro has improved compatibility with the latest STEP file standards. GDML files can also be imported and visualized, but they cannot be modified. #converterPro
  • Can I use custom defined materials?
    There is a database with more than six hundred predefined materials in MRADSIM-ConverterPro. However, if these are insufficient, you can expand the database by adding your material definitions. Edited material databases can be exported and imported easily, to synchronize your custom definitions across all your devices.
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  • Which operating systems can be used to run the program? Do you need anything extra?
    MRADSIM software currently only works on Linux operating systems. It has been tested on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Linux Mint systems.  We are working to add compatibility with Windows and MacOS operating systems. If you need to use our software on a different platform, you can do so through virtual machine software. You can easily install it without doing anything with the help of an easy installer.
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  • Do I have to pay for the software?
    MRADSIMConverterFree is distributed with free license to only non-commercial use purposes. #converterFree
    MRADSIM-ConverterPro can be used after purchasing a commercial license. The license has a validity of one year and includes free software updates and technical support.  #converterPro
  • What languages are available for the interface?
    Currently, MRADSIM software is only available with English language. We are working to implement more languages. #converterFree #converterPro #space