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How to install/uninstall MRADSIM Converter?

Installation For Linux;

Double click the file “InstallerMRADSIM-Converter.run

Click Next to continue. After selecting the installation location and accepting the license agreement, you can proceed with the installation. Click finish to close the installation window.

Now the MRADSIM-Converter can be found by typing “mradsim…” in the applications menu.

You may receive a warning during the installation of MRADSIM if you have already installed the older version.

You must remove the previous version. (See: Uninstallation)

In some systems, MRADSIM does not show up in the applications menu. In this case, it is possible to run it from Command Line Interface by the following command: ./MRADSIM-Converter/MRADSIM-Converter.sh

Uninstallation For Linux

To uninstall the older version of MRADSIM-Converter software, run the file named “MRADSIM-ConverterTool” in the directory where it was already installed. (Default path: ~/MRADSIMConverter/ )

Select “Remove All Components ” and click Next to complete the process. MRADSIM-Converter will be removed from your system without any problems.

For Windows;

Very soon.

For MacOS;

Unfortunately we are unable to provide support for this operating system. But you can install and use a different operating system in the virtual machine.

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