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Assignment of a new material to the geometry

On the main window, click on a part from your previously loaded geometry on the 3D viewer.

If the input file was prepared according to the guidelines mentioned in this section, you would see the name of the selected part in the Material Selecting section in the right menu.

Now it is possible to choose a material from the list in the database. Click on “Add Material” to assign the material to the selected part. You can reselect related parts and change the assigned material to a different one if needed.

For multiple selections, you can make a list with CTRL or SHIFT key. ALUMINUM is assigned as default material for all the parts without an assigned material.

Caution: Adding sub-montage shapes may result in misconfiguration in the shape’s label when converted to the GDML file. Due to the incorrectly configured shape’s label, the program cannot import it, and the simulation operation cannot open that shape. Please be careful when adding new materials otherwise your simulation will not be precise.

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