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MRADSIM-Converter-v0.4.2 (Date: 20.04.2021)
– The suffix of the same names is optionally added.

MRADSIM-Converter-v0.4.1 (Date: 12.04.2021)
– Multiple selecting (keyboard CTRL and SHIFT press)
– Bugfix for overlap issues.
– Bugfix for material selecting
– The error with the same names has been fixed

– Adding numbering with the same names

– Reading STEP file improved.
– Displaying colors in the 3D Viewer.
– Change the shape’s color.
– Change the shape’s transparency.
– Mouse and viewer interactions added.
– View Action Tab added.
– Material selecting refresh button removed and process made automatic.
– Quick menu can be opened from View Action Tab, default is hidden.
– MRADSIM Converter logo added.
– Fixed viewing problem caused by selecting shape after unselecting from viewer.
– Gives a warning when opening a new file.
– Database and config directories moved to mradsim-converter folder.
– MRADSIM Converter logo added to bottom left dockwidget.
– Added a separator line to top of the logo.
– Added graying part icon function to Show All & Show Only
– Fixed configs.ini loading problem.
– Logo fixed to left bottom corner.
– Fixed Visible/Invisible crash problem in shapes contains sub-shapes.
– Fixed GDML converting problem.
– Edit Menu removed.
– Reset View tool added.
– Open, open recent removed.
– License removed from about menu.
– Viewer tab from setting removed.
– “Material list updated successfully” message removed.
– Removed Edit Toolbar.
– Added Release date to about.
– Removed Contact Support.

– Material selection via 3D viewer
– Warnings were added with Fraction / Composite in the material database.
– Crash crash is fixed when a second STEP file is opened.
– Windows can be moved,closed or reopened.

– The ability to assign shape-material relationship has been added.
– Crashes of creating new material in material database are fixed.
– Fraction/composite separations added for material database
– Settings menu added.
– Dark/Light theme selection

– Resolution setting has been removed.
– Progressbar has been removed.

– Crashes in STEP file reading are fixed.
– Material database has been expanded.

– Providing color readings from the STEP file
– Displaying colors in the 3D Viewer

– Crashes in some STEP files are fixed.
– A default material database has been created.

– Simple STEP to GDML conversion
– 3D viewer
– STEP file preparation with strict rules

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